Pressured To Be Perfect

Stress Management

The kind of world that we live in, at the moment makes it so difficult for us even to choose who we want to be in life. Around the globe studies and researches done on topics to provide clarity to whether all are on the same page.

Phrase such ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE is a fantasy in the lives of many.  We have no control over our future and dreaming about it has also become a crime by being around people who judge and make others lives miserable.

Increased suicide cases 

Don’t you think being a member in a society where a soul simply gives up because of the pressure makes us liable? Social acceptance has become so important that death seems like the only better option to get noticed.

Stress ManagementA 17 year old kid who found it so difficult to take her exam had to write a letter before hanging herself so that everyone could know why she gave up?

Choosing which ice cream flavor should have been her biggest worry. The pressure was too much that she could not even test herself to see if she would pass or fail. What if? Yes these are the questions that we should be free to ask. And also try to answer those questions for those disturbed souls. Feeding these souls with hope doesn’t need much effort. No one is asking you to promise for a better tomorrow. A tiny light of hope that states- “No matter what you are not alone.” And to say that they will make it through everything if they simply hang in there.

Will it be so difficult for others to say that life has much more than the grades we score or the salary we are paid? If all decides to be what they think is good, then who will be alive to see what the future holds?

Sometimes things that we want in life are not really what we want, but the demands of the society that we live in. There are a few standards and man-made levels to test where you stand. People started taking over the life of others for some reason. In many cases it is always handed down or paid back in the name of being normal.

We are not here to Judge but Live

I want him/her to do this because that is what is considered right and that is how respect is earned. This statement has been so alive in many parents and family members. It has been rooted so deep and made it through so many generations now.

People now have started determining the time of their kids’ birth. What else could be stated as the best example of how our lives are on the others hand? Life and death are the only things that are not in the control of humans. But sadly, now they have forced control there too.

We all strive so hard to be accepted. In the process we forget who we are in real and what we might need to make your soul happy.

Happiness to the Soul 

Satisfaction of living a good life is attained under two major categories.

  • External &
  • Internal

External factors are mostly influenced from what we see, hear and feel or are indirectly imposed by others. We live in a world where we would scoop down to any level to achieve what is considered to be the best by the people around us.  Their approval makes it yield double folds.

Sad Facts

Topper of the class, with no friends.

Feeling lonely, when you’re surrounded by many.

Driving a Ferrari and not being able to enjoy the drive.

Married to a beautiful body, but a loveless soul.

Having zero to no satisfaction in a job that pays you tons.

Eating and sleeping alone in a big mansion.

Not being able to buy happiness with the money you possess.

Whereas, internal happiness will be earned only with feelings that you can only feel.  You might not be able to see, touch or feel love, care and affection. But deep inside these are the only factors that keep you running for more.

Joy and happiness

Material things can be satisfied at a point but these are things that you will never get tired of. Unless you’re a teenager. Just kidding.  Keep the child inside you alive to remind you that life is simple. We complicate it when we start living for others. Choose to be the highness you are. Harm no one in the process and you’re all good.

The pressure of becoming perfect has gone off-limits that many these days simply give up. It is rather easier for them to stop trying than to enjoy and be thankful for what they already have.

Author– Jenifer Ambrose

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  1. Ashwathi Kumar

    Your words touch the feeble soul with inspiration and stir mind with motivation. Great read in times like these. Looking forward for the next one. Cheers.

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