How To Decorate A Home With An Indian Theme


It is said that the types of Indian interior design styles change every 200 km in India. Coming to art and historical intricate designs, none can beat the Indian theme. Let me render your taste with the posh outlook. Let’s travel through the next generation of Indian interior design. Check out this handy guide to focus your next dream house.

1. Visualize Your Design Idea :

Every room deserves proper planning. Your home is more than just a spot on a map, it is a reflection of you, a place to build more into life. Whether it is for an ultra-modern apartment or country style house, designing the ideas is the most important feature. Working with professionals helps to create a well-designed room, where every detail is worked on with minute care and vision. Plan your work and work your plan correctly.

Dining Room

2. Fun With Desi Drama Colors :

Selecting the right colors can influence the mood and feel of the room. Do concentrate on being generous with vibrant colors that mix with the culture. Traditional Indian interior design secret is choosing the right color from the artwork in your home. We Indians love colors!  Playing with fun colors in the most loved room of your home makes you comfortable and chill. But, do keep in mind during choosing the lighter or darker shades for the room reflects the ambiance. Sample your favorite paint colors at all times of the day and night, with the open and close window. Contrast warm and cool colors by choosing taste in the color wheel.

3. Feel Your Feet in Flooring:

It takes a bird’s eye to determine which type of flooring to use in each space. By the way, vintage home styles are coming back to fashion. Now it’s a perfect time to revamp your flooring. The right type of flooring not only gives you something to stand on, it can really influence the feel of your space. Tiles, Marbles, Hardwood flooring, Laminate flooring, Bamboo Flooring, etc., are used which are known for toughness and durability.

4. Customize Your Soft and Hard Furnishing:

Furniture is something that makes your home look elegant. It can be a product of design and is considered a form of decorative art. Furniture takes up the majority space and it is the only comfort zone and relaxing place for many people. Traditional Indian pieces such as the swing, or jhoola, can bring a playful vibe to these spaces that allow families to come together. Make sure that you go for complete wooden furnishing that adds an Indian flavor to your home. It completes your home and determines your standard. Never hesitate to use lights, fabrics with desi prints, and wall pictures reflecting the vibrant culture of Indians for soft furnishing your home. Matching up the coffee tables with dining table, Wardrobe with dressing table, Sofa suits with flooring makes a beautiful combo. If you find the unique design as well as comfort then you will have everything.

5. Light Your Dream :

Proper lighting can provide the right ambiance to the surrounding. Striking the right balance between the amount of color and luminosity can work wonders. The direction of lighting is used to fill the empty spaces in a room or highlight a certain element. Golden lights will blend in well in a pooja room as the color gold is commonly used for traditional Indian lamps or deepas. Hanging or Ceiling lights are used to spread light, table lamps are used to focus on certain parts, chandeliers or resembling elements add the elegant look.

6. Use the Spaces Aptly :

The time when you think everything is done perfectly but something is missing, it is the details. India is historically known for artwork and vintage look, add some colorful pillows on sofas, glass bowls at the kitchen, adding up trays, baskets, pretty stands with scented lamps, a couple of books, small bowls of colored stones, floral arrangements, live plants, vases of shells or rocks, long flowing drapes for windows and sheets for divans add up the beauty. The details of every design must match up with the style of the room.

7. Pocket-Friendly Designs:

 Why pay so much for designing? When there are several budget-friendly interior decoration ideas that are easy to tackle, easy to score, easy to install. Take some time to do some research before choosing your design partner. Back in days, materials were expensive but now innovative technologies made even the middle-class people enjoy the reality of a posh lifestyle. Design your lifestyle by my catchy Indian Theme Design ideas at a pocket-friendly price.

8. False Ceiling Style

Once upon a time ceilings were one of the most neglected areas of any home. It was done only with an intention to disclose the cracks on their ceilings. But, when interior designers were brainstorming on the aspects of home improvements, ceilings grabbed an important spot and got its long due deserved respect.

Initially, the Indian themed false ceiling was simply made up of natural material and the shape of the canopy completed the rustic charm of any room with ease.

The aesthetic look is supported by a wooden frame to hold it upright. The false ceiling is more of an innovative dropping off the roof. Sometimes going against the trend also did brings amazing results.

Most of the ceiling styles that are preferred currently emphasis on

  • Creative Layers
  • Artistic Expression
  • Shapes and Shadows

Never hesitate to try using thick wooden beams on the ceiling which crisscrossing each other path makes an interesting pattern that will surely change the ambiance of the entire room with its presence. The circular shape, though common in ceiling designing, it is made special with an addition of color in the central area. Spotlights and the colored ceiling lights in the evening will provide the room with a dramatic feel in the evenings.


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