How to Travel Cheap In Australia

Places to visit in Australia

The possibility of updating all your social media accounts, with astonishing pictures are greater if your travel location is Australia.  Because this country is so unique and amazing in its own ways. It is definitely possible to travel cheap in Australia with proper planning and knowledge of the things to do and places to visit.

Traveling cheap is a cakewalk when the country gives you endless spots and activities that you can do even without spending a dime on tickets. If you have saved enough to rent a car and feed yourself with healthy options then you have chosen the right country.

– By a Lonely traveler 

Pro Tips

  • Transit flights
  • Renting a car
  • Visiting places which do not require entry tickets
  • Planning your travel without the help of an agent
  • Cooking your own meals – Eating healthy in other words
  • Exploring the land by hikes and treks
  • Camping or staying at backpackers instead of fancy hotels
  • Cutting down on unnecessary items and food
  • Being sober
  • Staying out of trouble and health issues

Things to do in Australia

Are you a beach lover?  Then choosing Australia is the best decision you would have made so far. Your love for beaches for sure will be further enhanced, by its astonishing white-sand beaches.

Australia Beach visit

Australia is the largest island continent. Thus making it the only continent covered by a single country. Thus, adding extra uniqueness to your journal. If your mission is to visit a new beach every day, you will complete your mission in around 27 years. There are around 10,000 beaches that you can explore and take a dip.

90% of the population lives on the coast, thus making the outskirts the habitual grounds to be visited. Those deckhouses along the beaches are sure to make you imagine your dream house. You might also be fascinated by the architecture.

Wine Country

Wine Yard Australia60 designated regions make wine producers renowned for their uniqueness and making the average wine production is around 1.35 trillion bottles of wine in a year.

The sober wine tours are a possibility because the astonishing view making it an aspiring go to destination in the world.

No one charges you for admiring those endless vineyards.

Soil for Adventures

The rest of the area is covered by the OUTBACK (Desert).  Camping will definitely become a thing that you would want to do forever. And also the cheapest way to stay. There are other affordable cabins and backpackers that provide a good stay. But if you want to experience wildlife in the wild, CAMPING is the best way you can.

Australia is the only country where you can take pictures of Kangaroo, Koalas, and other native animals that are found nowhere else in the world. Making those treasured moments indeed pleasurable.  The visits to the zoo are definitely worth every single dollar spent. You will not only get to see them but also to pet and feed them.

Wildlife encounters

Spotting dolphins at the beach and playing peek-a-boo with a sea lion will make you feel like the animal whisperer for sure. If you are a person who loves to go for sea diving, snorkeling and surfing Australia is the right place.

Australia is known for its poisonous snakes and other dangerous reptiles. Encountering big habitual lizards such as Dragon lizards, Geckos, Goannas on your hike trails will not be surprising after their first visit. Freshwater crocodiles or otherwise known as the man-eaters in Australia are nowhere else to be found makes it extra adventurous for those adrenaline junkies. Emu along with their chicks are definitely entertaining when they race you, during your four-wheel drives.

Crazy Weather

This country can also make you experience different kinds of climatic conditions in the same day or the same month of the year. One can experience extreme summers, to the Alps that receive more snowfall than that of Switzerland. Making snow angels, frosty the snowman and skiing in the same country that records 40+ in other places, sounds crazily impossible. But Australia is where the magic happens.

For a fact, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Australia was 123 degrees (50.6 Celsius).  The Hail and rainy days at the beach also will become a remarkable mental picture that you will never forget. The right place to test your body’s endurance, to different climatic conditions for sure.

Fun, Food and Feast

If you want to know how gambling feels, I personally would suggest you try it in a country where 80% of the country’s adult populations per capital income is spent in some kind of gambling. One of the best casinos are the ones in Melbourne and Sydney where just a peek inside will make you feel Hollywood.

Many cities here have harbor towns where leading brands have their outlets with quality items that will blow your mind. The offered price will make luxury goods affordable. Along with the discount comes quality.

Shopping streets in the cities are sometimes crowded and it is a thing that you would not miss. It is because of the talented artists, who perform on the streets to be recognized for their gigs. There are numerous numbers of stunts and performances that are purely entertaining. There are people who offer them a price to encourage their passion or love. A day goes by at the blink of an eye because of these mesmerizing show buzz.

Last, but not the least. There are a few authenticated dishes that are famous around the globe that are only available in Australia.

  • Tim Tam
  • Meat pies
  • Vegemite and the list go on.

Australia Meat Pie

Their pastries and meals have an ability to enhance your taste buds every time you have them. They are definitely worth the price for the quantity and the heavenly taste.

If these tempting facts are not enough for you to pack your bags, I don’t understand what else will (LOL). Experience it yourself to know the real feel of this cozy continent. I am sure you will not check off Australia from your list because it will definitely make you visit your mates again.

Author– Jenifer Ambrose

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